Issuing Digital Documents

Build apps that issue and verify blockchain-based records for academic credentials, professional certifications, workforce development, and civic records
Using Bitcoin to Digitize Your Documents

Blockchain Identity

Create a certification infrastructure that put us in control of the full record of our achievements and accomplishments.

Identity Validation

By providing the one-step verification with multiple options. Verification using user’s Identity,  Digital Certificate or by scanning QR code on Digital Certificate.

Trusted Sharing

In essence, it is a just a distributed ledger to Receive, hold, and share your credentials any time. and it is durable, time-stamped, transparent and decentralized.

Need to mitigate fraudulent certificates to ensure honest and seamless trade

Certificate Endorsement

This involves allowing third parties endorse or sign certificates to indicate their support and vetting of those certificates, and that additional information can be carried with the certificate and will carry significant value on their own, the interpretation of value on the display/consumption side can be streamlined.


Issuing Certificate

Create a digital file that contains some basic information of the recipient and then sign the contents of the certificate using a private key. Next, we create a hash and use our private key again to create a record on the Bitcoin blockchain